Card back

Description Edit

These cards were included to show the stats and special abilities of the Units in the game. They serve no other purpose.

Cost Edit

Cost is shown in two forms.

Deployment Points (DP) Edit

These are essential with fielding any units. They are provided every round. However, DPs will expire if unused during your deployment phase, so don't lose them, Use them!

Rivets (R) Edit

Rivets are the premium currency of the game. These can be provided every round or through special means through the scenario. Rivets won't expire, and can (and should) be stockpiled to afford bigger units and plugs.

Armor Type Edit

Armor Type is how well the unit can hold up in battle by determining how many dice other units can use against that unit to achieve damage. There are several layers of Armor Types.

Armor Type 1 Edit


The lightest of Armor. It is often refereed to as 'unarmored' or 'light armor'. This armor typing is used for many units in the Infantry category and many of the air units.

Armor Type 2 Edit

This armor type is most common in Cavalry and Support units. This is usually the next stage in armor. Also called "lightly armored" or "semi armored".

Armor Type 3 Edit

This armor type is common in armored units and tank units. This is a rarer armor type. It offers good protection against attacks as not many units get multiple dice against it.

Armor Type 4 Edit

This is the heaviest armor type that units currently have in game. Often called "heavily armored" or "fortified" units. Only a few units can take the fight to Armor Type 4 units.

Armor Type 5 Edit


The most mysterious of Armor Types. No current Unit in-game has Armor Type 5, and very few can even touch it, a handful at best.

Movement Edit

Movement describes the max base amount of Grids a unit may move during the movement phase. On air units there will also be a number in parenthesis next to it, this is the minimum movement for air units.

Health Edit

Health is the amount of hits (damage/shots/lives) a unit can lose before they are removed from play.