Tom Hill's Community Projects Edit

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Tom Hill has done a great deal for the Rivet Wars community. Making several, helpful, programs for use with Rivet Wars.

Scenario Editor Edit

Tom created a fully functioning scenario editor, with several parts

Scenario Template Edit

The Scenario Template as a great replica of the Official Rivet Wars Scenario Pages found inside the rule book and on the website. He even lets you know which fonts to get to achieve the perfect scenario look!

Scenario Map Maker Edit

The Scenario Map maker used Tiled to allow us to make perfect Replicas of a Rivet Wars board. There are copies of the tiles, terrain elements, units, and graphics used in the official scenarios so you can design and plan your engagements as you see fit and have the means for others to recreate them.

Scenario Resources Edit

Also supplied are a bunch of resources that will ensure you always have everything you need for whatever custom scenario you can think up.

Card Editor Edit

THill.Net Edit is an amazing website Tom upkeeps himself! On it, he hosts the scenario editor, the card editors, and has several community pages showcases outstanding community members and their scenarios, cards, and custom units.

Aliases Edit

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