Ted Terranova is the creator of Rivet Wars.

Intro Edit

After spending his youth fixing things in his grandfather's workshop and building war machines out of LEGO, Ted received his degree in architecture. This inevitably led to his spending the past fifteen years creating art for videogames like Settlers of Catan, Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, Rise of Nations and Thrones and Patriots. His artwork has also appeared in Spectrum, 3D World Magazine, Fantastyka, Elemental and Expose. Now Ted has focused his energies on building out the world of Rivet Wars by combining his love of drawing tanks, military history and casting his own miniatures.

Other Work Edit

  • Big Huge Games
    • Rise of Nations
    • Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots
    • Rise of Nations: Gold Edition (2004)
    • Rise of Legends
  • KoA: Reckoning
  • Sparkypants Studios
    • Art Director on Dropzone (2017)
  • Super Robot Punch

Trivia Edit

  • Terror Nova is a nod to the Creator of Rivet Wars: Ted Terranova.