Plague Trooper
Plague Trooper
Faction Blight
Type Infantry
Cost 2
Rivets 0
Bounties 0
Sockets 0
Move 1
Armor 1
Health 1
Land Range 1
Air Range 0
Primary Weapon Attacks 1
Primary Weapon Type Chain
Primary Weapon Effectiveness 3/1/0/0/0
Secondary Weapon Attacks None
Secondary Weapon Type None
Secondary Weapon Effectiveness None
Special Abilities Dash (2) [Action], Bolster Defense (1), Infect, Cannot Capture Strategic Objectives


The Blight Plague Trooper is the result of one of Dr. Vorne’s biological experiments. These soldiers once exposed to the bio-agent lose their free will and suffer from horrible skin deterioration. But they also gain an incredible stamina and a single minded desire to destroy their enemies whoever they may be.

Found inEdit

  • Kickstarter Exclusive (3)

Strategy Edit

This is one of the few times a great strategy for this unit is to actually not deploy all your models. Their infect ability could be seriously a problem for the allies, however not if you save them the trouble and deploy all your models.

Use their Dash ability to close the gap with the enemy and tear into their infantry. Their chain attack can easily cause the tide to turn.

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