Man in Charge
The Man in Charge
Faction Neutral
Type Infantry
Cost 3
Rivets 1
Bounties 1
Sockets 0
Move 2
Armor 1
Health 2
Land Range 2
Air Range 0
Primary Weapon Attacks 1
Primary Weapon Type Standard
Primary Weapon Effectiveness 2/2/0/0/0
Secondary Weapon Attacks None
Secondary Weapon Type None
Secondary Weapon Effectiveness None
Special Abilities Intense Stare!


Some men are born to follow and some are born to lead. The Colonel, as everyone refers to him, is definitely the man in charge. When he walks into a room one can feel his presence. And the gaze of his eye is always scrutinizing his men, looking for any flaw, any weakness. When charging into battle, this is the man you want in charge!

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  • Kickstarter Exclusive

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Trivia Edit

  • Man in Charge is a reference to Samuel L Jackson's portrayal of Marvel's Nick Fury character