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“Lt. Nathaniel Flint” is a steampunk enthusiast who is active in the Rivet Wars community. Although missing the Kickstarter, he still became a Legionnaire to demo and spread Rivet Wars throughout New England any way he could.

Youtube Edit

On youtube, the channel Landship Scorpios delves into Steampunk, historical, and some gaming topics. There's an entire series, however, dedicated to Rivet Wars. From Basics tutorials to Unit Highlights, the youtube is slowly becoming the number 1 spot for Rivet Wars content on youtube.

Rivet Homes Edit

Rivet War Buildings were designed and distributed by Landship Scorpios. The idea was to make detailed, free, easy to assemble buildings just for the Rivet Wars community. There were also special rules that accompanied them designed to make the Buildings feels different and bring more focus back on Infantry combat.

The House templates are free to download and print to any and all who want them on the forums and comedianmasta's page on

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Custom Game Types Edit

Landship Scorpios worked on several custom scenarios and game types.

Game Types

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Landship Scorpios is also big into custom scenarios.

Yaah! Magazine Edit

Nathaniel Flint wrote the cover story for YAAH! Magazine, issue one, in which Rivet Wars was heavily featured. Along with it, he also did a custom scenario published with the magazine. He was invited to continue doing custome scenarios to be published with the magazine, in which he did a few.

Fan Fiction Edit

All's Clamorous on the Eastern Front is a fan fiction created by Lt Flint. Taking place in the Rivet Wars universe, it spoofs famous war movies and books, pop culture references, and even the game itself.

It is currently incomplete.

Alias Edit

  • Comedianmasta
  • Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios
  • Nathan Powell