Iron Chancellor
Iron Chancellor
Faction Blight
Type Infantry
Cost 3
Rivets 2
Bounties 1
Sockets 0
Move 1
Armor 1
Health 2
Land Range 1
Air Range 1
Primary Weapon Attacks 1
Primary Weapon Type Standard
Primary Weapon Effectiveness 2/1/0/0/0
Secondary Weapon Attacks None
Secondary Weapon Type None
Secondary Weapon Effectiveness None
Special Abilities Rally Point, War Bonds


The Iron Chancellor is a man who does things by the numbers. He always has the same number of buttons on his jackets, the same number of buckles on his boots and the same number of rivets on his gauntlets. He brings this same attention to detail to his work overseeing the military production lines of the Blight. The Iron Chancellor coordinates the delivery of every engine, cannon, shell and even rivet that gets put into Blightun tanks. He is the genius behind the lines who keeps the Blight war machine rolling along.

Found In Edit

  • War Room (1)
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Sculpt (1)

Strategy Edit