Guard Dog
Stat Card
Faction Allies
Type Infantry
Cost 0
Rivets 0
Bounties 0
Sockets 0
Move 2
Armor 1
Health 1
Land Range 1
Air Range 0
Primary Weapon Attacks 1
Primary Weapon Type Standard
Primary Weapon Effectiveness 1/0/0/0/0
Secondary Weapon Attacks None
Secondary Weapon Type None
Secondary Weapon Effectiveness None
Special Abilities Fortify (1) [Action]

Description Edit

Dog Units for Allies. The allies Guard Dog is a loyal animal. Both loving and trusting, they blindly throw themselves in the line of battle day after day with only one goal: to help the men of the allied forces live to fight another day.

Found In Edit

Strategy Edit

  • Concept Image
  • Concept for Search and Rescue