Captain W. Parman
Captain W. Parman
Faction Allies
Type Cavalry
Cost 3
Rivets 1
Bounties 1
Sockets 0
Move 3
Armor 2
Health 2
Land Range 1
Air Range 0
Primary Weapon Attacks 1
Primary Weapon Type Flat Grid
Primary Weapon Effectiveness 3/2/1/0/0
Secondary Weapon Attacks None
Secondary Weapon Type None
Secondary Weapon Effectiveness None
Special Abilities Immune to Gas, Buff: Rapid Assault (3)


He's a mounted hero unit - an old horseman who doesn't believe in all these new fangled iron horses, but he has used some technology to keep his mount in the fight. He's added armor plating to protect his steed and added hydraulically dampened spring-loaded suspension units to its legs. His men love him dearly.

Found In Edit

Strategy Edit

See "Parman Fix".

Parman is a great hero unit for the allies. Make use of his speed and high Rapid Assault to rush towards enemy infantry and flat-grid attack them. He is also helpful in getting other units to move forward before an attack.

Make use of that speed to rush in, clear a Strategic Objective, and get out of their if he takes too much damage. Even sitting back from the fight, his buff can still be helpful, but don't waste him in a deployment zone when you need to hit the enemy hard.

The Parman "Fix" Edit

After release, forums and gaming tables erupted in discussions over the abusive of Parman's special abilities usage.

The issue was Parman could buff Rapid Assault (3), throwing units like Riflemen or Hammer Pounders into the middle of the map and able to attack, then Rapid assault himself sideways to another grid, then buff THAT grid and throw another group of units up into the middle of the map able to attack 3 spaces! He would continue to stay in the back throwing units forward unfairly all game.

After the issue caught Ted Terranova's attention, a system of discussions, voting, and testing took place. Eventually, the "Parman Fix" was decided.

Instead of Buffing Rapid Assault (3), it was decided Parman would buff Rapid Assault (X) with X being the amount of the unit's base movement. This nerfed Parman and made it fair, but also kept with the spirit of the Unit. The community loved it and it is now allowed in Tournament use.